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Colours of Teesside by Máire McSorley

Colours of Teesside by Máire McSorley

Venue: Cargo Fleet
When: 10/01/2014 – 21/02/2014
Admission: FREE

Máire McSorley’s exhibition Colours of Teesside coming soon to the gallery in the New Year.

Máire’s passion in art is colour and an aim

to show hidden beauty in unexpected


Over the past ten years digital media has been Máire’s main tool and she views the world through rose-tinted spectacles – metaphorically & literally. The images she creates reflects what she sees and feels. Her view of landscapes is often impressionistic and occasionally abstract, with an emphasis on colour & light; although she uses black & white and monochrome photography to display strong form in portraits and industrial landscapes.

Máire has lived in Oxford for over 20 years but spends a lot of time on Teesside visiting friends, family and places she loves. Her emotional connection with the area is as strong as ever. She was born in Ireland and came to England with her mother in the late 1950s to join her father who had come over a few years earlier to work at Dorman Long Coke Ovens in Grangetown. Her great-great-grandmother was one of the first inhabitants of Grangetown emigrating from Ireland when she was in her fifties. Máire lived on Teesside for over thirty years and the Works, the Hills, the Streets, the River, the Sea and the Moors all hold a special place in her heart & soul

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