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Venue: Cargo Fleet
When: 30/08/2013 – 20/09/2013
Admission: FREE

The Heritage Gallery at Cargo Fleet requests the pleasure of your company at the Preview Evening of the exhibition ‘Extravagansey’ on Friday 30th August, from 6.00 – 8.00pm.

This collaborative exhibition by Linda Taylor, Lel B.W and Deb Gillanders depicts elements of the North East fishing industry.

Through a range of media, Lel B.W explores the landscapes and seascapes of the North East coast, using line, colour and texture to represent the sometimes turbulent but beautiful scenes of the land, sea and sky. ‘The Lone Boat’, once occupied by the fishermen who sailed it, tries to capture the decline in a once thriving industry on our North East shores.

Linda Taylor’s photographs document the historical and traditional fishermen’s workwear -the gansey. Worn by most fishermen of the North East coast at the turn of the century, each gansey was hand knitted usually by the women of the community and each was unique to the fisherman it was knitted for. Like empty skins, Linda captures the traditional costume of our regions fishing villages, and with the help of Deb Gillanders, aka Propagansey, celebrates the history of our coastal fishing heritage.


Hope to see you there.

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