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Teesside Steel Industry by Hazel Dixon

Teesside Steel Industry by Hazel Dixon

Venue: Cargo Fleet
When: 31/05/2018 – 29/06/2018
Admission: FREE


Hazel Dixon experiments with rust as a method of addressing problems in the local community, focusing her work on the steel industry in Redcar, which has now closed down and has rendered many people unemployed and poverty stricken. She aims to explore the issue by creating art that represents what the industry means to people and also what it is today. Hazel uses steel plates that are covered in rusted images of the industrial plants and collapsed habitations of Teesside. She says “I have chosen to create dark, grungy pieces of art, to represent the struggle of the working class people living in the UK and the feelings people have about the demise of the steel industry within the local community”.

Parking and entry are free.

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