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You See What I See

You See What I See

Venue: Cargo Fleet
When: 20/02/2015 – 31/03/2015
Admission: FREE

After a year of workshops, visits to mima and visits to local artists, photographers; Matthew Longstaff, Lucie Newmarch-Wright, Claire Stough and Lucy Heron have brought together a captivating exhibition, reflecting their own personal response to a chosen work of art from the mima collection.

“You See What I See” is an exhibition of work by the 4 photographers, who are all on the autistic spectrum, and invite you to consider the many ways “You See What I See”. It aims to inform the viewer’s understanding of art and autism.

The exhibition runs until 31/03/2015. The gallery is open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

The photographers have gained great skills and knowledge about art and photography over the past year and have developed their personal responses to pieces of work from mima’s collection. The exhibition brings together, for the first time, the work of Stephen Willats, R.B. Kitaj and Jacoov Agam, all artists from the mima collection. It also features work by the artists they visited – Neil McNally, Paul Williams, Karin Walland, Charles Twist, Annie O’Donnell.

Matthew Longstaff, inspired by Stephen Willat’s work, invites you to consider the similarities and differences between autistic and neuro-typical children, through their choice of favourite objects.

Lucie Newmarch-Wright explores body language in a series of images triggered by the ambiguity of the body language of R. B Kitaj’s ‘A Life’.

Claire Stough responds in a unique way to Agaam Jacov’s vibrant use of colour.

Lucy Heron reflects on ‘then and now’, through a close look at her home town, as depicted by L. S. Lowry’s ‘Middlesbrough Town Hall and St. Hilda’s’.

Parking and entry are free.

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