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A Light Relief from Painting

A Light Relief from Painting

Venue: pythongallery
When: 18/01/2013 – 01/03/2013
Admission: Free

As an artist Lorraine Brown believes the singular most important thing is to accept one’s own way of thinking as true. Acknowledging nature as a constant inspiration, the abstractions which develop in her work are often derived from patterns and repetitions seen there. In her practice, it is not unusual for such ideas and impressions to then naturally develop towards more geometric form when explored further in the studio.

Her main intention when constructing these works was to intensify form by the manipulation of the colour of shadow. This departure from her usual two dimensional image making process brings with it an ever changing visual experience as the play of light becomes part of the work.

These colour reliefs are a progression from the two dimensional paintings on display, which are concerned with the interplay of edges. The need to go beyond and to explore the space therein has resulted in an investigation into painting with reflection. The importance of the edge in pictorial space “could not be underestimated in the creation of form in defining such things as structure, space, depth and reality”.

At this juncture, in order to retain the spontaneity that is so important in her creative practice, she chooses to continue working with card and paper to assist the manipulation of her painted surfaces in three dimensions, resulting in a dynamic and colourful exploration of gesture.

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