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Art Placements

Art Placements

Sabine Kusmaull

Our experience of life is so varied.  We deal with memories, we have feelings, we gain knowledge, describe the world in formulae, we acquire our own individual wisdom.  Each of us experiences a totally unique and constantly changing mix of this.

What have images got to do with it?

Sabine makes pictures as a response to my fascination about life’s complexities.  Most of her pictures are a togetherness of several image fragments coming into play in different materials and in reaction to each other.  Sabine arranges them in physical layers, some of them transparent, some opaque.

Her original motivation comes from observing the Earth’s surface, as it shows traces, textures and structures, like hoof-prints in the snow, geological sediments in the ground or drying marks of raindrops on a glass plane.  In a more abstract, less visual sense, she also feels drawn to patterns and structures of social relationships, communication, and other aspects of human interactivity.  Could one find visual ways of laying these bare and representing them?

In some of her works Sabine combines a background painting on canvas with a drawing on transparent fabric suspended in front of it. The final image will only come together in the viewers’ eye.  Or, she paints on semi-transparent screens that are hung at a short distance in front of a painted canvas.

Julia Entwistle


Romantic Landscape painter Julia, studied Art & Design (BTEC) at Blackburn College after which she progressed to BA(Hons) Fine Art & Integrated Media, graduating in 2004. Since then Julia has obtained a studio practice at Bolton Arts Studios, Horwich.

Her moods are variable, as are the landscapes that she paints.  Whether it’s moors, mountains, rivers or sea, all evoke powerful emotions within herself, giving awareness of her inner self, in touch with her soul, a transcendental experience.  None more so than when Julia comes across large imposing buildings, especially when set in quiet surroundings. Either way, the landscape offsets powerful emotions within herself, which the artist hopes translates into the paintings.  Hence the affinity with romanticism, which Julia has found in both art and literature, either through Turner or the Bronte Sisters.

Tracy Fenton

The intent of a portrait is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.  Tracy is an abstract artist and has used her creative abstractiveism to paint how she sees others and herself.

This work is focusing on the idea of portrait as an abstract.  How the artists sees herself, as a self-portrait, how she sees her daughters, and those who have made an impact on her life, using spatial awareness and the use of linear dimensions and contours, Tracy creates portraits in this style.

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