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Colin Grimes: Reflection Collection

Colin Grimes: Reflection Collection

Venue: The Galley At St Georges House
When: 12/03/2016 – 31/05/2016
Admission: Free

Colin creates multifaceted images of contemporary life using reflective surfaces.

We are selective in how we see. We choose to look through the window, not at it. We are only able to view and record the window surface, or the subject beyond the glass, or the reflected world behind the observer. Colin combines these three worlds to produce fascinating and rich narratives.

Colin has painted a total of 19 reflective studies based on Lymm shop windows. In the meeting room you can find 5 of these celebrations of Lymm village life. After seeing an exhibition of Canaletto’s paintings of Venice at the Queen’s Gallery in London, where walking through the gallery was a virtual trip down the Grand Canal, he was keen to display his paintings as a virtual walk through Lymm village.

There is also a parallel series of paintings reflecting life in other countries as seen through shop windows and by people using public transport.

He worked in art education for over 30 years with student and adult groups and organized Art Study Tours throughout Europe, USA and Russia. He has exhibited his art works extensively throughout his career, both nationally and abroad.

This exhibition is kindly supported by Richard Brown Wealth Management Ltd.

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