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Venue: pythongallery
When: 14/10/2011 – 14/11/2011
Admission: Free

Specially commissioned for the Centenary year of the Iconic Transporter Bridge, Stephen Gills photographs are being shown for the first time in a series of exhibitions. His work explores, engages and maps the ever changing landscape that the transporter inhabits.

This exhibition at pythongallery investigates how the space in and around the bridge was used in the past, how it is being used now and how it could be used in the future.

Taking the viewer on a journey through public and private, familiar and unfamiliar transit areas, roads and pathways, to and from the bridge the combination of colour and monochrome images focus on the often overlooked spaces on both sides of the river and encourage a re-examination of this hinterland.

It is a powerful show that shows the familiar in new ways and the history of the area in a contemporary way.

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