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Julie Macbean – “Edgelands”

Julie Macbean – “Edgelands”

The first exhibition launch of the year begins with Julie’s industrial work titled “Edgelands”, which started as a response to the down turn in the steel industry within the region in 2010/11, with the Redcar Steel Works finding itself in crisis as the plant was mothballed.
Julie’s use of colour, texture and composition is representative of the turbulent times the North East has faced with the closures of the industry that once dominated the landscape of Teesside. She captures a great deal of depth and atmosphere in her paintings and drawings, which we hope people from the local area can engage with and relate to.Julie says:

“Our capitalist system of economics, is a system built on unstable foundations, it is often left hanging by a thread and is easy to unhinge. The neglect and demise of our industry has destroyed the heritage of the great industrial revolution. The ephemeral steam from the chimneys disappears into the atmosphere, just like the industry that produces it. I have tried to capture these unstable and turbulent times by using the medium in a variety of ways that changes the visual impact of the same location. The use of medium creates the essence of scene, and creates a variety of atmospheres that ranges from gloom and despair, to hope and optimism. The decay of industry is depicted in rustic colours and the textual effects of the medium. The stormy skies bring with them the sense of anger and frustration being felt by the local community. The steam engulfing the buildings creates an atmosphere of suffocation. Painted without people, they are scenes of abandonment.”

We do hope you can join us for the preview and hope to see you there.

Parking and Entry are free and refreshments will be provided. 

Please feel free to pass this invitation on, as all are welcome!

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