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Paintings from The Raven Gill Studio

Paintings from The Raven Gill Studio

Paintings from The Raven Gill Studio

The pythongallery is very pleased to announce the next show opening at the gallery, which opens on Friday 17th May at 6pm.


Paintings from Raven Gill Studios is a joint show by Artists Pauline Kenny and Ray Husband.

Using oil paint, colour and form come together to imitate nature and become pictures that describe more than reality. Something deeper and lighter, a true reality with meaning that flows out into a dream landscape. Of hope, memory and future. They each have there own story and complex existence.

Pauline Kenny

Ray works mostly in oils, from landscape to portraits. In his work he tries to capture the mood, colour and history, of the subject being painted. His marks can be simple or intricate, whether they factually represent the subject. Is not important. What matters, is his overall interpretation of the image. on. His work leans towards the abstract and expressionist.

Ray Husband

It is an intense and transfixing show, with the work ever changing and winding through styles and methods of depiction that captures both artist’s reaction to landscape and environmental factors.

As always, refreshments will be supplied by the wonderful T P Coffeehouse.

We hope to see you there for a celebration of painting and good company.

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