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Python Festival Touring Exhibition Launch

Python Festival Touring Exhibition Launch

Python Festival Touring Exhibition Launch

We would cordially like to invite you to the Private View of an amazing exhibition which opens this Friday, 25th April at pythongallery from 6pm.

Earlier this year artists across the North were invited to create new artwork for an exciting Open exhibition across the Python Galleries.   The response was incredible with hundreds of artists submitting a range of paintings, prints, sculptures and more all wanting to get involved in the exhibition.


This Friday we unite winning artists: Jane Barwood, Lorraine Brown, Angela Fox and Jan Sopher to begin a touring exhibition across all four galleries. 


We hope you can join us at Python Gallery from 6-8.30 pm as we open this fantastic exhibition.


More info on the artists…


Jane Barwood’s paintings explore the relationship between urban living and the natural landscape with emphasis on alienation and disconnection. They frequently feature the house as a motif to describe the experience of existing within the landscape, yet feeling detached from it, not belonging and never feeling ‘at home’.  Using colour, mark-making and composition to evoke meaning and atmosphere, Jane creates a sense of unease and dissonance that leads the viewer to question their assumptions about painting.


As an artist Lorraine Brown believes the singular most important thing is to accept one’s own way of thinking as true.  Acknowledging nature as a constant inspiration, the abstractions that develop in her work are often derived from patterns and repetitions seen there.  In her practice, it is not unusual for such ideas and impressions to then naturally develop towards more geometric form when explored further in the studio.


In this series of work entitled Chronophobia, Angela Fox attempts to question and define her identity through work connecting with particular important points of reference in her life.  They are snapshots in time, represented in architectural and map form, utilising found objects that connect the work to her environment and wire entwining them together.


Jan Sopher describes herself as a Mixed Media artist (for the very reason that she does not like to restrict her use of materials) and uses various techniques such as drawing, dying, painting, printing, preservation of plant stuffs, felt making and image transfer.

Landscape is the subject that has engaged her most.  Her loosely made landscapes are simple but give enough to the eye for them to create a dialogue that is individual to the viewer.


Their diverse range of artworks will be toured across the North for all to see on the following dates:


25 April – 23 May: Python Gallery, Teesside

29 May – 4 July: The Gallery At Bank Quay House, Warrington

8 July – 14 Aug: The Gallery At St. Georges House, Bolton

22 Aug – 26 Sept: Heritage Gallery At Cargo Fleet, Teesside

For more information on opening times and directions visit:

We hope that you will be able to attend and help us celebrate this amazing inaugural Python Arts  touring event.

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