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Venue: pythongallery
When: 09/06/2014 – 18/07/2014
Admission: Free


Noun: A small detached piece; a fragment or remnant

Rubbish or waste material

An extract or cutting from something written or printed

Discarded metal for reprocessing

A fight or rough quarrel, especially a spontaneous one


9th June – 18th July 2014

Hülya Bakkal · Amy Davies · Emily Hesse · Norma Kyle

Kim McDermottroe · Bobzilla · Peter Heselton · Annie O’Donnell Janet Philo · Roberto Picciau


scrap examines ‘collage’ arts practice – one that emphasises contingent strategies of creative production. These cluster around an innovative approach to materials; the assemblage of found objects; the juxtaposition of elements from different worlds; and the extensive use of chance and improvisation in urban settings. The exhibition expands upon themes explored during recent Fulcrum: Art Writing workshops, and forms an open-ended dialogue with Fulcrum’s first publication scrap, rather than a linear narrative or categorization of collage.


Fulcrum: Art Writing

Fulcrum is a platform for writing about, for, and through art and design. Anyone wishing to kick-start, develop or share new work (including texts, images, objects, audio, film, performative and curatorial work as modes of production) is welcome. From this sharing, Fulcrum aims to animate spaces for discussion, documentation and publication to expand vibrant critique in the Teesside area.


Fulcrum collaborators:

Bob Beagrie · Amy Davies · Peter Heselton · Anne Hollifield · Fran Hunnisett · Norma Kyle · Donato Loia · Kim McDermottroe · Annie O’Donnell · Kerrie Page · Janet Philo · Michaela Wetherell


Fulcrum is supported by:

CVAN (ACE), mima, Teesside University, Platform A Gallery and Python Gallery. 

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