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Steph Shipley – City like me

Steph Shipley – City like me

Venue: The Gallery At St. George’s House
When: 12/05/2018 – 19/07/2018
Admission: Free


A solo exhibition of new artworks by Steph Shipley as she uncovers the secrets of Rivington Terraced Gardens on the outskirts of Bolton.

Rivington Terraced Gardens have beckoned Steph Shipley from their lofty heights since childhood.  The once luxurious country retreat of Lord Leverhulme designed and realised by him in the early 1900s is ‘a place at once empty and occupied’ now alive with local walkers and serious diggers unearthing the flagged pathways of ‘time’s relentless melt.’

Places that exude a sense of past, a public fascia and private interior; where a gap or an interval might pervade their obsolescence or revival, are a frequent source of curiosity.  Temporary sites and spaces that vanish as swiftly as they appear hold the same allure as those that accumulate time and those that forbid or restrict access or withhold clear answers in terms of their purpose or history.

Through film, projection, photography and printmaking City like me expresses notions of loss, transience and nostalgia within these sites of heterotopia or otherness.

Preview Saturday 12 May 2018 1-3pm, includes an artist’s talk at 1.30pm.

City like me is supported by Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces, in creative partnership with neo:artists.

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