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Venue: The Galley At St Georges House
When: 22/08/2014 – 26/10/2014
Admission: Free


The Gallery At St. George’s House would like to invite you to the opening of a new exhibition Techne.

‘Techne’ is a term, etymologically derived from the Greek word τέχνη, that is often translated as ‘craftsmanship’, ‘craft’, or ‘art’.   This group exhibition brings together five artists whose practices include printmaking, photography, digital and sculpture.

Chris Bebbington

Bebbington’s interests include traditional landscape and portraiture photography where the natural beauty and seduction of light plays an important influence in their construction.   However, in his current series of images, Bebbington has created something different from his normal approach.  With a desire to share his own observations, Bebbington presents images of what he deems to be strange and thought provoking events.  Charmed by their existence, and aiming to guess a reasoning and purpose, the artist invites the viewer to also form their own narratives of the events.

Hannah Fray

Fray’s work incorporates printmaking, drawing and paper construction.  Fray’s current interest lies in insects, moths in particular and how their existence is so fleeting yet valuable.  The repetition of the moth in her prints becomes important and is reminiscent of a chain-like structure, which in essence echoes how these moths play a vital role in the ecosystem.

Tom Hignett

In his current series entitled ‘Sorted’, Hignett takes well-known paintings and reduces them to a representative sample of pixels, then sorts them using a popular spreadsheet package.  By rationalizing the paintings in this way, the artist aims to show the absurdity of taking something as complex and beautiful as humanity and treating it as a simple dataset.

Tabitha Jussa

Jussa is a socio-political photographer working with both analogue and digital technologies.  Match Day is a series of constructed narratives of ritual behaviour set against a backdrop of football grounds across the UK.  Jussa presents these new realities in large-scale photographs that begin to reveal the minutiae of ritual within crowd behavior alongside newly formed narratives and relationships between people and place.

Chris Millward

The main focus of Millward’s sculptural work is the aesthetic quality of materials combined with a level of craftsmanship; appreciation of materials for their own qualities and the love of making for its own sake.  Using predominantly found wooden objects, Millward restores and modifies their appearance and transforms them into storage units.  These units contain quantities of ‘objects’ made by a repeated process and presented in regimented rows and columns.

The exhibition will be on show at The Gallery At St. George’s House, 2 St. George’s Road, Bolton, BL1 2DD, until 20 October.  Located next to the Holiday Inn, the gallery is free to enter and is open Mon-Fri 9-5pm and Sat 10-3pm.  There is an onsite coffee shop serving breakfasts, lunches and refreshments till 3pm each day.

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