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Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson

Venue: The Galley At St Georges House
When: 10/12/2013 – 14/02/2014
Admission: FREE

Artist Statement

I try to explore elements of the natural world through concept based photography. My images often ask as many questions of the viewer as they offer answers and, for me, this is an integral part of my practice.

On my first day at university, my lecturer said (referring to wildlife and environmental photography) ‘the industry is full of pretty pictures of nature. What we need to create are conceptual images that both ask and answer questions simultaneously’, so this notion is how I approach my work.

My images bring together man and the natural world, often including people in my images along with wildlife.

I feel strongly about images conveying a message and try to create work that can be appreciated by all whether negatively or positively…. I want my images to make you think, if only for a short time….

We are surrounded by nature, often overlooked, but it’s there. One needn’t travel to the African continent to appreciate a world of natural history, it’s all around us!

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