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January, 2021

Meet the concierge

Posted on: January 13th, 2021 by admin

All our commercial properties have a manned reception with a fully serviced concierge. The front of house is there to welcome guests and assist tenants where possible. They are a huge part of our team and the service we provide to our tenants. As they are the first-person guests meet we thought we’d ask them a few questions and profile the team for all the great work they do. To start the series, we spoke with Derek who takes care of The Co-operative Buildings in Middlesbrough.

How long have you worked at The Co-operative Buildings?
“I’ve worked as concierge for 11 years and I absolutely love coming into the building every day.”

What’s the best thing about working in the building?
“The best thing about working in The Co-operative Buildings is interacting with the tenants and guests. We get such a wide variety of people entering the building and in turn creates lots of different conversations!

“We create a great working environment and people always want someone to talk to. I’m a friendly face and even after tenants have moved on from the building they come by and say hello years on from leaving.”

Do you have any facts about The Co-op Buildings?
“In 1942 during the second world war, 200 people sheltered in our underground car park away from the bombings, not only did the 200 people survive but the building did too. All of the surrounding buildings were destroyed.”

What’s your favourite way to welcome people?

“It’s important to make a good first impression, I greet every person with a smile and always try to help them from the offset.”

What do you do to make it more special for the tenants?

“I help out when I can, I try my hardest to solve the tenant’s problems, but if I can’t we will call someone in to make sure the problem is fixed as soon as possible.”

What do you think makes The Co-operative Buildings a good place to base a business and work?
“The quality of the building, as well as the location and transport links. One of the key features of the building is the underground secure car park for tenants, parking isn’t something that is often available and it’s a huge need for businesses looking for somewhere to base their business.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I love spending time outdoors and especially gardening.”

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