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First exhibition of 2021

First exhibition of 2021

We are looking forward to opening the doors of the gallery soon after what has been a very long time in lockdown with the first exhibition of 2021:

“Instrumental Art” by Photographic Artist David Griffiths.

David Griffiths is a photographic artist based in Teesside. His Digital artworks are a blend of true representation and stylistic interpretation.

David explores the complex aspects of perspectives and dimension within his work, experimenting with vibrant and dynamic colours, subtle use of light, shadow and reflections and a variety of mediums, to create intriguing mixed media pieces.

His multi-dimensional pieces are inspired by geometric forms and dynamic shapes found within nature and architecture and he explores pattern, colour and texture to create pieces that merge between reality and abstraction.

The onsite bistro – Iron Co Coffee House are preparing to reopen for takeaways in a couple of weeks time. The exhibition will not officially be open as a physical show for gatherings, but artwork can be viewed whilst grabbing yourself a cuppa or bite to eat. Please stick to government guidelines of social distancing and face masks.

Please visit The Heritage Gallery Facebook page HERE for updates.

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