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Invitation to ‘Instrument Art’ exhibition by David Griffiths

Invitation to ‘Instrument Art’ exhibition by David Griffiths

Pythongallery is so very pleased to announce that it is hosting it’s first exhibition opening event since march 2020! It has been a time of chaos, reflection and resilience for so many people, our selves included; it has proven to be a time that none of us will forget and one that hopefully and carefully, as we move into the new rules for gallery openings, can be sustained and built upon for a positive and creative future.

With this very foremost in mind, we would like to invite you to the opening of ‘Instrument Art’ by David Griffiths on Friday 16th July 6pm-8pm at pythongallery.

David is a Teesside based artist who has a mercurial practice. Initially coming to the fine arts from a photographic perspective, he has, within a relatively short space of time, developed beyond the limitations of the two dimensional to extend his creative practice into sculpture, 3D and Installation. His work is often begun with his love of traditional Formalistic values such as colour, shape, composition but this is then put through a playful and unique development that moves the idea through several iterations until the outcome is a complex creative design or object that transcends the initial sparking concept. His work is, puzzling, questioning and genuinely engaging.

It really is a beautifully visual and spatial exhibition.

We are also genuinely pleased to announce that ‘Café Zero’ have become our new friends in-house and in going forward they will be providing refreshments for the opening event, but are also open 7 days a week for those looking for a great coffee or excellent lunch.

I really hope to see you there, and please feel free to extend this invite to those who may be interested in coming.

I honestly can’t wait to open our doors again!

Very best wishes, Peter Heselton

(on behalf of pythongallery)

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