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Paintings by Stan Davison

Paintings by Stan Davison

Private View: Thursday 20th January 2022
Between 5pm and 7pm

Exhibition runs from Monday 17th January until Friday 25th February

Stan Davison was born in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1949, but both his mother and father were born in Hartlepool, where Stan has now lived most of his life on the Headland, after leaving Scotland at the age of 17. Stan is a self-taught artist with no art school training, but has been painting since he was in primary school.
He finds inspiration in the town’s people and places, but also depicts his own personal experiences to create dreamscapes that combine the real and surreal. 
Stan says:
“A lot of my work is done from photographs and drawings, but it is put together to form dreamscapes – it is both reality and the surreal.
 Many of the paintings are a portrayal of my life and are influenced by chapters and incidents from it.”
Stan is inspired by the ‘Old Masters’ like Velazquez and Caravaggio and elements of their work are captured within his paintings.

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