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March, 2023

Eyes of the Heart – A Photographic Journey

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Jodie Athey

Celine Alexander-Brown
Private View: Thursday 30th March, 5pm – 7pm
Exhibition runs until: Friday 21st April 2023
Celine’s journey began with flowers and nature, including macro photography and focus stacking, seeing the minuscule detail and miracle of each single flower. This in turn, because of the beauty of nature, drew her deeper and led her to the spiritual beauty of churches and cathedrals. 
The next part of Celine’s journey led her to beauty of a different kind, hidden in the slums and streets of Kolkata, Celine took some fascinating photographs, capturing moments of time within the community of Kolkata, some of which form part of this exhibition.
And then Lockdown arrived… isolated and at home, Celine took part in a book project involving members of the RPS Contemporary North group about what 2020 meant to her.
Once lockdown had lifted, Celine started to venture out and went onto publishing two books – ‘Restless Waters’, which are poems/prayers and reflections of her journey over the past 20 years and also – ‘Eyes of the Heart’, a photobook of the images she took during her time in Kolkata.
Celine had now entered a new phase of her photographic journey interpreting things creatively using Photoshop and intentional camera movement, returning once again to nature, countryside and seaside.
We do hope you can make it to the opening, which offers a great opportunity to meet Celine over drinks & nibbles and ask any questions you may have about the work on display.

A Family Affair art exhibition

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Jodie Athey

‘A Family Affair’ by artists –
Jo Pickering, Russell Wellard,
Katy Gofton and Lynn Morse
Private View:
Thursday 2nd March 2023
Between  5pm and 7pm
This family group of artists regularly get together to paint and often book a venue to meet up and enjoy a whole day of painting together. Their individual styles and techniques are brought together in this intriguing family exhibition.
Jo has taught art for over 30 years and teaches regular adult classes in the Teesside and Darlington area. Jo’s mum Lynn has also painted for years and teaches popular monthly landscape painting workshops in the Teesside area. Jo’s sister Katy has always been a crafter, but started painting in the last few years. Katy also specialises in colour pencils and produces highly realistic portraits. Jo’s uncle Russell began painting a few years ago and has recently started to specialise in landscape painting, taking inspiration from landscape images from his many fishing trips.

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