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First Photography Exhibition – Royal Photographic Society

Posted on: February 15th, 2024 by Jodie Athey

Launching with the opening on Thursday 29th February 2024, Between 5pm & 7pm
The opening offers a great opportunity to meet some of the photographers and ask any questions about the work on display. Drinks & nibbles will be provided by Iron Co Coffee House on behalf of Python Properties.
he group started in 2015, when Gordon Bates, Harry Hall, Ed Forster, Tony Griffith and John Clarke met in the Cafe at The Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Since then, the group has gone from strength to strength with over 30 members to date.
Their aim is to encourage members to pursue documentary projects, whether it be historical, contemporary or more on a personal level, recording the world through their lens.
They participate in group projects and meet on the third Thursday of each month, in which they are encouraged to show their work and gain feedback from their fellow members.
With a diverse group of photographers that view the world uniquely through their lens, we hope this will be an intriguing and captivating exhibition.

First Exhibition of 2024 ‘All About Art’ by Aim4art

Posted on: February 15th, 2024 by Jodie Athey

Launching with the opening on Thursday 28th January 2024, between 5pm and 7pm

Aim4art are a diverse group of artists who meet each week at The Barn in Hemlington to share their ideas and creative processes. Their points of inspiration are varied and topics are self-selected, so this exhibition should prove to be an intriguing and eclectic mix of artworks.

They each have their own skill sets and use a variety of mediums, but their main aim is to get together, enjoy themselves and express their creative minds to produce individual artworks.
Exhibition ends Friday 23rd February 2024

Last Exhibition of 2023

Posted on: November 8th, 2023 by Jodie Athey

East Durham Artist Network celebrates its 20th year next year and they run their own small gallery in Seaham on a non profit basis. They have a wide range of skills that cover most media and produce diverse and intriguing artworks.
They have a full programme of exhibitions at their gallery on Church Street, changing their displays every 4-5 weeks, which enables them to showcase new work of their members throughout the year. However, each member can only exhibit once in a year, so they welcome this great opportunity of an external exhibition that creates a new platform to showcase their work.
Whether professional or amateur as an artist, they insist on a high standard of presentation – and that along with the diversity of the works, will surely be an exciting and eclectic display.
Exhibition ends 12/01/2024
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“Teenside’s Teesside” exhibition

Posted on: April 24th, 2023 by Jodie Athey

Launching with a Private View:

Thursday 27th April 2023,

Between 5pm and 7pm

Inspired by their local area and heritage with a trip to Teesside Archives and the Dorman Museum, Art & Design students from Middlesbrough College will be displaying their work in what will be a truly diverse and intriguing exhibition. From graffiti to photography, mixed media and more, the display will be a celebration of the student’s creativity and achievements.

“Teesside’s Teenside 2023” will be an assortment of various art mediums – a festivity of colour, technique and culture. The student’s are excited to showcase the results of their exploration through styles and methods during their time at Middlesbrough College.

You can expect to see a young vibrant visual response to our beautiful Teesside in this exciting collaborative exhibition.

Eyes of the Heart – A Photographic Journey

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Jodie Athey

Celine Alexander-Brown
Private View: Thursday 30th March, 5pm – 7pm
Exhibition runs until: Friday 21st April 2023
Celine’s journey began with flowers and nature, including macro photography and focus stacking, seeing the minuscule detail and miracle of each single flower. This in turn, because of the beauty of nature, drew her deeper and led her to the spiritual beauty of churches and cathedrals. 
The next part of Celine’s journey led her to beauty of a different kind, hidden in the slums and streets of Kolkata, Celine took some fascinating photographs, capturing moments of time within the community of Kolkata, some of which form part of this exhibition.
And then Lockdown arrived… isolated and at home, Celine took part in a book project involving members of the RPS Contemporary North group about what 2020 meant to her.
Once lockdown had lifted, Celine started to venture out and went onto publishing two books – ‘Restless Waters’, which are poems/prayers and reflections of her journey over the past 20 years and also – ‘Eyes of the Heart’, a photobook of the images she took during her time in Kolkata.
Celine had now entered a new phase of her photographic journey interpreting things creatively using Photoshop and intentional camera movement, returning once again to nature, countryside and seaside.
We do hope you can make it to the opening, which offers a great opportunity to meet Celine over drinks & nibbles and ask any questions you may have about the work on display.

A Family Affair art exhibition

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Jodie Athey

‘A Family Affair’ by artists –
Jo Pickering, Russell Wellard,
Katy Gofton and Lynn Morse
Private View:
Thursday 2nd March 2023
Between  5pm and 7pm
This family group of artists regularly get together to paint and often book a venue to meet up and enjoy a whole day of painting together. Their individual styles and techniques are brought together in this intriguing family exhibition.
Jo has taught art for over 30 years and teaches regular adult classes in the Teesside and Darlington area. Jo’s mum Lynn has also painted for years and teaches popular monthly landscape painting workshops in the Teesside area. Jo’s sister Katy has always been a crafter, but started painting in the last few years. Katy also specialises in colour pencils and produces highly realistic portraits. Jo’s uncle Russell began painting a few years ago and has recently started to specialise in landscape painting, taking inspiration from landscape images from his many fishing trips.

Living Skies exhibition by Kate O’Neill

Posted on: January 3rd, 2023 by Jodie Athey

Happy New Year

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2023.
We would like to invite you to attend the first exhibition of 2023 at The Heritage Gallery launching with a private view on:
Thursday 19th January 2023
Between 5pm and 7pm
The opening night offers a great opportunity to meet Kate over drinks & nibbles and ask any questions you may have about the work on display.
Kate says:
“When we are outside, whatever the weather and season, it’s the sky that frames our view, reflecting our thoughts and emotions back onto us.
The North East landscape with its sometimes shocking contradictions and diverse terrain, have a direct effect on the people within it, whether good, bad or beautiful, it is endlessly compelling and distinct.
Photographic images at their very best seem to suspend moments in time, hovering in a separate dimension – this place, that thought, then.
My hope is that these images resonate and connect with you, the viewer.”
Kate’s superb eye for composition and the ability to capture an atmosphere within her photography is inspiring. This exhibition will bring an abundance of ambience within the images and we do hope you can make it to the opening to see them.

Leven Arts Society Exhibition

Posted on: November 8th, 2022 by Jodie Athey

Launching with a Private View on Thursday 1st December between 5pm and 7pm, the opening offers a great opportunity to meet members of the group and ask any questions you may have about the work on display over drinks and nibbles.
Founded in 1970, the Leven Arts Society is a group of artists in Cleveland and North Yorkshire, centred on the communities of Great Ayton, Stokesley and Hutton Rudby. The members range from professional artists to enthusiastic amateurs, so this exhibition will truly be a varied and eclectic mix of the 32 artists involved, celebrating their rich diversity of subject matter, technique and style.
The members meet regularly through the Autumn, Winter and Spring, where they have painting demonstrations & workshop events and everyone shares in the joy of painting and creating their own works.
Their honorary President is Mackenzie Thorpe and they hold an annual exhibition at Stokesley Town Hall in the springtime with upwards of 350 paintings up for sale.

Rediscovering the North East

Posted on: August 25th, 2022 by Jodie Athey

“Rediscovering the North East” by the Darlington Association of Photographers launches on Thursday 15th September 2022, between 5pm and 7pm.

All welcome to join us!

The opening offers a great opportunity to meet some of the photographers and ask any questions you may have about the work on display over drinks and nibbles.

During and after the recent spell of lockdown due to Covid 19, members of the group rediscovered and appreciated what makes the North East of England so special. Members have chosen, through their individual interpretations of the area, to show what it means to them, by using both modern and traditional photographic media and techniques.

The exhibition showcases aspects of the North East from York in the south to Morpeth in the north, bounded by the Pennines on the west and the North Sea on the east. We hope you enjoy their selection and in turn, that you rediscover some of the best the North East has to offer.

We hope to see you at the opening and look forward to seeing you there.

Exhibition ends Friday 14th October 2022.

“Freedom of Movement” Exhibition by Graham Frank Wright

Posted on: August 25th, 2022 by Jodie Athey

Graham Frank Wright’s exhibition “Freedom of Movement” launched with the Private View on Thursday 14th July 2022 with great success.
Born in 1950, Graham has led a fruitful life, beginning his art journey at Hartlepool College of Art in 1966 and exhibiting in galleries from Los Angeles to Middlesbrough.
Graham was met with an amazing opportunity to join the live music touring industry, which enabled him to travel extensively around the world, spending many years in Europe and the USA. He gained great knowledge and understanding of all genres – artistically, musically and in all walks of life generally. And this gave him the great ability of having – ‘Freedom of Movement’.
Retiring from the Rock Music industry in 2020, Graham returned to his art and started painting and drawing full time – this exhibition being an accumulation of the work he has produced in the past few years, which we hope you will enjoy.
Graham has explored many techniques, mediums and subjects throughout his art practice and there is ‘something for everyone’ in this display at The Heritage Gallery.

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