Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher

 Alan Fletcher was runner-up in our Photography Open with ‘All tied up’, currently on display in the Pyramid.

Where are you from?

Chester, Cheshire.

How did you hear about the festival?

I’m on the mailing list, having been to see last year’s exhibition by Kate Bufton. Her ‘Book Sculptures’ were excellent and really inspiring.

What does it mean to you to be a prize-winner?

I’m thrilled to be a prize-winner. It goes to show that hard work, belief in yourself as a photographer, along with a keen eye for what is all around us pays off.

Where was ‘All tied up’ taken?

This image was taken on the Barbican in Plymouth, early one August morning this year. I was delighted to see the textures and colours which surrounded the marine bollard. The origin of the word ‘bollard’ comes from the Middle English and old Norse word for ‘tree trunk’. How ironic that the marine bollard shows signs of ageing that would be similar to that found on the trunk of a tree.

Do you have a working ‘method’?

Not really, I take what I like. Art and photography is very subjective. So I just shoot when I see something that interests me.

What does a typical day off involve?

Travelling to interesting places, ensuring my camera comes along too.

Who is your favourite photographer?

Joe Cornish.

What inspires you?

Positive people, atmospheric places and European travel.

Tell us something few people know about you.

I enjoy visiting Germany as often as possible, enjoying the culture and lifestyle it provides.

Where else can we see your work?

I have a handful of photographs of Chester on permanent display in local doctors, dentists and barbers’ waiting rooms. Apart from that, my website or flickr page has my images:


     Good quality accommodation at affordable prices. Python are leading this charge at the centre of town. Martin & Peter really do represent the best ends of the Landlords that are available in the Tees Valley they really have the Tees Valley and its interests at heart. I think they are real future thinkers about the way they think about developing a certain property in the town

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