David Winning

David Winning


Name:David Winning

Lives in:Chorley, Lancashire



When and how did you get into art?


I became interested in art at a very early age. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of drawing or painting. Whilst neither of my parents were particularly artistic they did encouraged me, and I can remember them buying me a set of oil paints when I was just eight years old. I had no idea what they were at the time and didn’t understand how to use them properly. But I fell in love instantly with the smell of the linseed oil and from that day on I was hooked. Heavens knows what kind of a mess I must have made with them at the time! 


What are your influences?


The influences which have informed my work throughout my creative lifetime are numerous and eclectic. Suffice to say any attempt at a comprehensive list would include painters, musicians, writers, architects, and the natural world. 



What is your subject matter?


My work is subjective and autobiographical. The observations I make, my sentient experiences and the resultant images of an exterior world are no more than an exploration of my own consciousness and my relationship with things, places, time and others.


How would you describe your style?


My approach is unsophisticated and oscillates between the clumsily figurative and abstract expressionism. For me, engagement with the media and process is far more important than the outcome. Drawing is the foundation of all my work and underpins my practice as a painter.



What are your futures plans?


To continue developing my own practice alongside my teaching contracts and more importantly to remain openminded and responsive to new experiences.



Contact details


Mob.07913 121821

Phone:01257 261769












     Python were pretty instrumental helping us make that transition getting into the building. We met with Martin & Peter and spoke to them in details as to what we would expect; they were very welcoming and accommodating in that regard. They were flexible about the Lease and they made it quite clear that they were there to help and support our business

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