North West Federation Of Art Societies Exhibition

North West Federation Of Art Societies Exhibition

North West Federation of Art Societies Exhibition

Continuing from the current Warrington Art Group Exhibition, The Gallery At Bank Quay House will be showcasing works of The North West Federation of Art Societies of which the WAG is supported by. The Federation supports the work of 17 member societies in the North West via the expertise, experience and know-how of appointed representatives, and by financial support within the North West area.

L.S. Lowry was one of founders of NWFAS which began in 1954 to develop and support the work of leisure painters. 

This exhibition will show around 50 artworks chosen by the Federation themselves from 10 different societies in the North West. Original artwork will be available to purchase.

Exhibition will run from 17th May – 9th July 2012 and as always FREE ADMISSION & OPEN TO ALL!

For more info on North West Federation of Art Societies, please visit



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