'Ore Inspired' - Carole Hutchings

'Ore Inspired' - Carole Hutchings

I am a local artist working from my studio in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

Growing up overlooking the beautiful north east coast, in an area of vastly contrasting landscapes; from the tranquil North Yorkshire moors to the then ship building, steel and chemical industries around Middlesbrough and the River Tees has always been an area of great inspiration and fascination for me.

I studied Graphic Design at Cleveland College of Art, which led me to a career in Graphics.  In more recent years I have adopted a new direction and fresh approach, whereby I have focussed on my art to showcase to a wider audience, which has been a lifelong ambition.

I work in a mixed media of soft pastel and gouache, to create images of industrial scenes around Teesmouth, which have a gritty and ethereal quality.  The tactile nature of the pastel medium and the blending of the layers with the fingertips, for me, enhances my emotional bond to the work.

Every picture describes a place I have been to and experienced for myself, often walking for miles to capture fully its sheer beauty and atmosphere.

Through my work, I aim to challenge potential negative expectations of this region and portray a unity between man and nature.

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     One of the things I like about Python Properties is their ambition. They have got great commitment to the Tees Valley and that is what this area needs - businesses that have a positivity and ambition. Python Properties have been key regenerators of the centre of Middlesbrough and likewise Stockton and beyond that

Bob Cuffe, (Managing Director),
Gazette Media, Middlesbrough

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