Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson

 Terry won 1st prize in our Photography Open with ‘Unnatural Environments: the monkey house’.

Where are you from?

I’m actually from Warrington, born and bred.

How did you hear about the festival?

I entered two images last year from a body of work titled  ‘Ki No Mori’ (‘the woods for the trees’) but sadly, they didn’t make it to the final. When I received the email a few months ago for the 2012 competition, I didn’t hesitate to enter again.

What does it mean to you to be a prize-winner?

A cliché, I know, but what a feeling! I have been waiting for a break like this for over six years and it’s great that my home town is where it has happened.

Where do you create your work?

On paper, in a journal, to begin with. Research and knowledge make great foundations for my ‘bodies’ of work.

Where was ‘the monkey house’ taken?

It was taken at Chester Zoo as part of a university project that explored captivity through captive animals and their ‘unnatural environments’.

Do you have a working ‘method’?

I plan ahead as much as possible and try to pre-visualise the final outcome as best I can.

What does a typical day off involve?

My biggest passion is travel so I usually have my head in a Lonely Planet book!

What inspires you?

Anything and everything! My photography is quite eclectic and includes wildlife and environmental photography, photojournalism, travel and documentary photography. In a nutshell, travelling and experiencing cultures different than my own is what inspires me – and the people I meet along the way.

Tell us something few people know about you.

I have recently started to collect vintage and antique corkscrews. I’ll get some grief for that from my mates!!!

Where can we see your work?

I have a ‘showcase’ feature on the Photo Works website and my own website:www.terryjohnsonphoto.com


     Good quality accommodation at affordable prices. Python are leading this charge at the centre of town. Martin & Peter really do represent the best ends of the Landlords that are available in the Tees Valley they really have the Tees Valley and its interests at heart. I think they are real future thinkers about the way they think about developing a certain property in the town

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