Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill’s exhibition Terrains is currently on show in The Gallery at Bank Quay House. Working primarily with a range of printmaking methods, both as wall-pieces and installations, Hill’s work is concerned with the idea that we are constantly considering our personal worlds within a wider world of grids and reference points. The works explore different elements of mapping whilst also considering the potential of the new acrylic and digital elements within contemporary printmaking.



Layering is a strong theme in Hill’s work. To explore this we can take a closer look at…


Basement Membrane

10 Hanging screen prints on Kozo


'Maps are just one more layer laid down upon thousands of other layers of human geographic history on the surface of the land.'  Richard Long.



This work is the largest piece in the exhibition Terrains, striking an impressive and immediate first impression through the window of the gallery.


It consists of ten panels, printed on either side with layers of mapping, and the narratives that Hill places with them.


Cut out pathways trace through these maps to create new routes through Hill’s existing world, and suggests our constant re-evaluation of our world and surroundings, and the many layers of mapping that have gathered on top of each other through history, depositing on top of the world’s ancient ‘Basement Membrane’.



Liminal Territories

Screen print on somerset, etching and hand cut panels on Kozo


‘They are not maps to navigate your way through the landscape to save time; they are maps to help you find space and discover time.’ Tracy Hill.

This work consists of two wall pieces hung slightly away from the wall, allowing light to travel through the cut outs in the work to create shadows; this creates a ‘positive’ presence in the empty or negative space.

Maps are instantly recognisable to us as an orientation tool, even though we may not know where the land is, or if it exists anymore. They suggest to us a history of the stories and geology of our world.


In these works, Hill asks the viewer to consider whether these Liminal Territories are ‘intimate transient journeys’, due to the fragility and ephemeral nature of the shadows created by the layers of materials, or simply traditional navigational maps of the land surrounding us.




Tracy Hill: Terrains runs until 18th March, Mon-Fri 8:30-5, Saturday 9-4. Admission free.


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