Warrington Photographic Society Presentation


Wednesday 6th April 7.30-9pm

The Warrington Photographic Society has in its possession 652 glass 6x6 lantern slides, which were the product of 21 workers, dating from 1891 to the early 1960?s. There are some gaps in dates, notably during the two World Wars also during the 1920?s, but this collection is a fascinating historical record of the work of Warrington Photographic Society.

A presentation will be given which will provide an overview of the collection and a flavour for the diversity of the images. We hope to finish the evening with a digital audio visual show of a specific project within the collection based on work around Warrington in 1903. Some of the original slides will also be on display.

We hope you can join us for the evening.



     Good quality accommodation at affordable prices. Python are leading this charge at the centre of town. Martin & Peter really do represent the best ends of the Landlords that are available in the Tees Valley they really have the Tees Valley and its interests at heart. I think they are real future thinkers about the way they think about developing a certain property in the town

Mark Elliott (Director)
DigitalCity, Middlesbrough

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