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Grounded by Connor Shields. Exhibition Opening

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Grounded by Connor Shields. Exhibition Opening

Please come along and help us celebrate the opening of

Grounded by Connor Shields

on Friday 20th September 2019

6.30pm until 8.30pm

The event is free, open to all and refreshments will be supplied by our wonderful partners,

T P Coffeehouse

We Hope that you can make it!

The new show entitled, Grounded, is an exhibition featuring the sculpture and video work of Middlesbrough born artist Connor Sheilds. It  opens on Friday 20th September from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

Connor Shields’ work fully embraces the role of the artist as a respondent to the fractious nature of current times. Drawing from personal experience, Connor pertinently illuminates tensions between social, emotional, political and queer agendas.


Through an amalgamation of found and created materials, the work develops as a sculptural response to the everyday forces that shape our sense of the ‘individual’. An investigation of industrial materials and craft techniques realises a visually powerful dynamic in which the artist explores ideas and experiences of working-class masculinity.


With subtlety, the work takes issue with the adopted roles that we easily accept and assume, allowing the viewer to unpick these perceptions

Connor  graduated Leeds Arts University in 2018 and in a the short period of time since, he has had a succession of accolades and exhibitions including:
Winning the Graduate Award from Yorkshire Sculpture Park
 2 residencies and an exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
He has exhibited multiple times in Leeds, London and his home town of Middlesbrough.
 More information can be found at

As always the opening will be wonderfully supported by our amazing partners TP Coffeehouse.
We hope to see you there to help us celebrate the launch of this powerful and thought provoking show.
Very best wishes, Peter Heselton

Skin to Skin Opening Event

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Skin to Skin Opening Event

Launch event 12-2pm. Free entry and family suitable refreshments will be provided.

An exhibition of art and poetry.

Carmen Marcus wrote a wonderful collection of poetry about the early days of motherhood. The fourth trimester is an intense and sometimes rocky time for parents. I met Carmen in the supermarket with our babies, and we discussed the experiences we were having as new mothers. It was a relief to be able to share, so I asked Carmen to send me her poetry. I was so inspired by the visual imagery they conjured, I began to sketch and illustrate what I was reading.
The subject of maternal mental health came up a lot during our meetings. For this reason, we want to share our art, to make it easier for other parents to discuss their own experiences openly.
Carmen will be displaying her poems, and I will be presenting lots of drawings and paintings.
The subject is a very intimate one, showing a side of being new parents you don’t often see. There will be a space for you to leave notes, sketches, poems of your own, if you wish to. We hope that by telling our stories, others will feel less alone during those 3 am feeds.
A family friendly event, open to everybody, there is a cafe in the gallery, and some toys for young children. The exhibition runs until September, we look forward to meeting lots of you at the launch.
Clare Hansford

Paintings from The Raven Gill Studio

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Paintings from The Raven Gill Studio

The pythongallery is very pleased to announce the next show opening at the gallery, which opens on Friday 17th May at 6pm.


Paintings from Raven Gill Studios is a joint show by Artists Pauline Kenny and Ray Husband.

Using oil paint, colour and form come together to imitate nature and become pictures that describe more than reality. Something deeper and lighter, a true reality with meaning that flows out into a dream landscape. Of hope, memory and future. They each have there own story and complex existence.

Pauline Kenny

Ray works mostly in oils, from landscape to portraits. In his work he tries to capture the mood, colour and history, of the subject being painted. His marks can be simple or intricate, whether they factually represent the subject. Is not important. What matters, is his overall interpretation of the image. on. His work leans towards the abstract and expressionist.

Ray Husband

It is an intense and transfixing show, with the work ever changing and winding through styles and methods of depiction that captures both artist’s reaction to landscape and environmental factors.

As always, refreshments will be supplied by the wonderful T P Coffeehouse.

We hope to see you there for a celebration of painting and good company.

Connections. Opening Event

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Connections. Opening Event

Free Opening Event for Connections. Thursday 2nd May, 6-8pm.
Refreshments Provided.
Connections: A Comics Exhibition is an exhibition hosted by four uni students from Teesside University. Our theme of this exhibition is ‘connections’ and specifically human connections towards relationships. Connections Exhibition  explore these relationships from the artists own personal struggles or stories but we’ve injected them into a fictional narrative where we can explore the emotions we have felt about said relationships.
So, I, Josh decided to explore romantic relationships. My story follows a couple, whom have recently broken up, meeting at a coffee shop trying to mend their relationship. Throughout the story, they will revisit where they went wrong and  by the end hopefully will have rekindled an old flame.
Patrick explored the relationship between Father and Son. His relationship with his Dad has been a mild, awkward relationship as the son never feels like he can tell his father anything about himself. He also feels like he is in his Father’s shadow and hasn’t experienced life the way his father has. The story will juxtapose each of the characters personalities and explore where there are similarities and differences.
Stuart explored Friendship and acceptance, i.e finding the right crowd. The story follows a young man, who feels lonely and out of place and doesn’t seem to feel like he fits in. In a nightclub, he is sitting all alone, until a woman comes and sits next to him. She introduces him to all her friends. The story uncovers his journey with these friends and how he discovers or comes to terms with his sexuality.
Laura explored sibling relationships as she is a twin herself. This explores a fictional relationship between two twin sisters whom were close at childhood. but now as teachers seem a little distant. One of the twins gets a terminal illness and the story follows as the other twin tries to care for and rekindle her relationship with her sister.

Catherine Reed, Barbara Reed and Tim French – A Taste of Africa

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Catherine Reed, Barbara Reed and Tim French - A Taste of Africa

Exhibition Launch! Friday 14th September 2018. 6-8:30 pm.


All welcome.


‘Come and experience a taste of Africa!!

Python gallery is delighted to announce a new exhibition by 2 local artists – Catherine Reed and Barbara Reed. Featuring new works by the artists drawing on their own life and experiences of growing up and living in Africa.Exploring it’s history the show celebrates the beauty and richness of African cultures -along with telling ‘forgotten’ histories. Through the works the exhibition will certainly challenge our own perceptions of history

Artworks include textiles, paintings and sculptures all adding to a dazzling display of colour and textures -this is a must see exhibition for 2018.’

Face of the Other Private View

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Face of the Other Private View

Please join us on Friday 6th July at 6:30 to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition entitled ‘Face of the Other’, by p.a.morbid and Mary Lou Springstead.

It is an exciting and intriguing show which comprises of painting and mixed media by both artists.

The work is at times surreal, mythical, symbolic and touches on the themes of relationship and transcendence. It really is a remarkable exhibition.

As always, the invitation is open to all, admission is free and refreshments will be served by our wonderful on site cafe, TP Coffeehouse.


Very best wishes, Peter Heselton

North Private View

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

North Private View

Please join us on Friday 18th May at 6:30 to celebrate the opening of Jeannie Moore’s Exhibition ‘North’.

North is an exciting new exhibition by Photographer Jeannie Moore.

It is a show which beautifully encapsulates her depictions of Landscape and Urban Photography from the immediate Teesside area and also from her many trips to Scotland.

The work is focused, detailed and beautifully rendered. it really is a remarkable exhibition.

As always, the invitation is open to all, admission is free and refreshments will be served by our brilliant on site cafe, TP Coffeehouse.


Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin


An unprecedented evening of cutting edge Noise, Abstract and Drone from Heselton and Killy Dog Box. It will be a night like no other.

Admission £5 on the door.


Made on Monday Private View

Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin

Made on Monday Private View

Hello all,


Please note that the last private view of the year is coming soon!

On Friday 24th November from 6:30-8:30, we are launching ‘Made On Monday’ by the Lakeside Artist’s.


It is a show comprising painting and drawing from some very interesting locally based arts practitioners. In their own words:

Lakeside Artists


Made on Monday’


Lakeside Artists is a group of adults with a shared love of the visual arts who meet on a weekly basis at The Barn, overlooking Hemlington Lake in Middlesbrough. During these practical, day-long sessions we explore, through painting and 3-D arts, the world around us.

Lakeside Artists is a self-financing group and started meeting in 2012. The Exhibition, ‘Made on Monday’,at the Python Gallery, Royal Middlehaven House, is drawn from work we have produced at our Monday sessions and includes items for sale.

Working in a range of media, from oils and acrylics, to pastel, ink, watercolour and pencil, the group displays a wide variety of styles. In addition to hands on painting we also visit exhibitions, enjoy painting trips and host visiting experts for workshop events.

Our aim is to continue to push ourselves to further develop our skills and to experiment in an environment of mutual support and constructive criticism. For more information call in at the Barn, access from Nuneaton Drive, any Monday between 10 and 3 or telephone 01642814651.

The Python Exhibition space is on the ground floor at Royal Middlehaven House and the exhibition will have it’s official opening on Friday 24th November between 6.30pm and 8.30pm when you can enjoy a glass of wine and speak with the artists. Thereafter it will be open during normal office hours until Friday 19th January. Why not visit the excellent café that shares the same space and browse the art work at your leisure?


As always, the refreshments will be supplied by our amazing partners TP Coffeehouse so it will be an enjoyable and relaxed event so please feel free to pass on this information to any one who may like to attend.


Hope to see you there.


Best wishes, Peter


Posted on: November 17th, 2020 by admin


The next Folklines is on Friday 13th October. And despite the date, it is your lucky day! Just check out the line up!

Lee Maddison & Stewart Hardy
Harry Gallagher
Chris Stewart
Caidre Nua

We are honoured to be launching Harry Gallagher’s new book of poetry, Northern Lights. Harry will be reading from his new book and signing copies which can be purchased on the night.

Don’t let paraskevidekatriaphobia get the better of you! Come on over to Folklines for a cracking night out!

TP Coffee House & Cafe, Gosford Street, Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB

£3 entry on the door.

All welcome 

Please share!

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