Billingham House case adjourned as Council told to prove what they claim

Billingham House case adjourned as Council told to prove what they claim

10 May 11

At the High Court today (10.5.11) a Judicial Review into Stockton Council’s decision to demolish Billingham House, brought by Bizzy B, was adjourned until 10th June 2011.

The Judge agreed that Bizzy B needed time to respond to the late and incomplete evidence filed by the Council. Bizzy B claims that since the recent Court of Appeal case, the Council required a Planning Permission before demolishing Billingham House. The Council refutes this claim and failed to respond to Bizzy B’s request for information before the hearing.

Commenting on the outcome, Python Properties Partner, Martin Johnson said, “Yet again Stockton Council seems unable to support its case that the best outcome for Billingham House is demolition. Nearly five thousand local residents have stated that they wish to see the property redeveloped and Python Properties is willing to go on site and start work immediately, only the intransigence of the council is stopping this happening and ratcheting up the cost of legal fees to be paid from local people’s taxes.

“Nothing further will now happen until the next hearing on the 10th June 2011. Had Python Properties been allowed on the site when originally requested, all the external and initial internal works would now have been completed. I am sure that local residents will be hoping that the newly-elected Stockton Council will use this delay to quickly come to the view that regeneration not demolition is the best way forward.”



     One of the things I like about Python Properties is their ambition. They have got great commitment to the Tees Valley and that is what this area needs - businesses that have a positivity and ambition. Python Properties have been key regenerators of the centre of Middlesbrough and likewise Stockton and beyond that

Bob Cuffe, (Managing Director),
Gazette Media, Middlesbrough

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