Make a Virtual Office Your Business’ Reality

Make a Virtual Office Your Business’ Reality
Added: 26/01/2017

The demand for virtual offices has never been greater, as businesses strive to strengthen their professional image and put themselves on the map.   

As a commercial property firm with more than 25 years’ experience we understand that every business has its own unique office requirements, no matter if it is a traditional workplace or virtual premises.

So why are virtual offices so popular?  The answer is quite simple; your business’ professional image is key to its growth and success.  A prestigious address, adds weight to your company’s credibility instantly, and there is the added benefit of personal mail handling and telephone answering services.

A virtual office is the perfect solution for start-up businesses and small to medium companies wanting to keep overheads to a minimum.  Equally for tech-savvy and mobile enterprises that simply don’t require a physical work-space.

Virtual offices are available in all of Python Properties commercial buildings in Middlesbrough, Bolton, Warrington and Bradford. Bespoke office space is also available in all the state-of-the-art properties, which include manned receptions, bistros, art galleries and parking facilities.


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For further information please contact:  Martin Johnson or Peter Broome on 01642 247745, alternatively contact Lesley Jackson on 01642 242997.





     One of the things I like about Python Properties is their ambition. They have got great commitment to the Tees Valley and that is what this area needs - businesses that have a positivity and ambition. Python Properties have been key regenerators of the centre of Middlesbrough and likewise Stockton and beyond that

Bob Cuffe, (Managing Director),
Gazette Media, Middlesbrough

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